Friday, June 26, 2015

Arguing with God: Fundamentalist Christianity vs. the Gays

... a layman’s indictment of traditional, fundamentalist Christianity’s views of “the gay question” countered by a conservative, Pentecostal-style preacher.  

It presents in laymen’s terms a revealing and sometimes heated argument about the conflicting perspectives and misunderstandings of the two camps.  These differences threaten to topple the house of Christianity that is even now divided against itself, and to widen and solidify the chasm between believers and non-believers. 


Two friends of fifty years — one a straight, fundamentalist Christian minister, the other a gay activist, artist and educator — both rooted in the same fundamentalist religion during their teen years, now occupy different poles of philosophy.
Tempered by their old friendship, they strive to understand their present differences. In doing so, they join the ancient battle between faith and reason. The Bible appears to say homosexuality is evil, contemporary science says it is a normal, human condition. Their arguments provide the reader a deeply personal insight into this discord.
We listen to two men who, accepting they are on opposite sides of what have become political, as well as religious issues, present intellectual, emotional, moving, and at times, heated arguments. Their genuine, lucid dialogue clarifies the struggle over homosexuality.
As we listen to the dialogue we glimpse the skeleton of a divided faith - a division threatening international religious schism. The conflict over homosexuality presents a dilemma which is even giving birth to an African and South American “missionizing” of the Northern hemisphere—an ironic, delayed echo from the age of colonialism when European missionaries went forth to “Christianize the heathens.”